Misa frustrated with delays

By Deidre Tautua 14 March 2017, 12:00AM

Suitupe Misa,  who was arrested at gunpoint by a contingent of armed Police officers in 2015, is voicing his frustration about the Justice system and the Office of the Ombudsman. 

In his interview with the Samoa Observer, Mr. Misa said it has been more than a year since the incident occurred and yet he claims there has been “no progress whatsoever”.

“The Police Commissioner is back at work today, his name is cleared from everything but what about me, why is it taking so long for my matter?” he asked.

“The biggest question is where the Office of the Ombudsman is. They were the ones who came out with the report but it seems like they are hiding.”

Contacted for a comment, a staff member from the Office of the Ombudsman who is not authorized to speak to the media, told the Samoa Observer that their work in regards to Suitupe’s case is done.

“We have already done our part and that was to do a report in regards to the matter so we gave him a copy and he was happy with the findings of the report,” said the staff member.

 “In terms of court, we don’t go that far. That is between him and the office of the A.G. so in Suitupe’s case, we have done everything that was needed to be done from our side.”

But Suitupe seems to be unaware of processes and procedures. 

“I need them (Office of the Ombudsman) now more than ever because they are the ones who came out with all the findings in regard to the reports on this matter.

“But it seems like I don’t matter to them anymore. I don’t know why but it’s very sad to see that they just left everything like this.”

Moreover Mr. Misa’s frustration doesn’t end there. 

He said there’s more because it has been over a year and yet there is still no progress.

“I want this to be done because I cannot focus on my family or anything because of this,” said Mr. Misa.

“The more this matter is been dragged on, the more I get frustrated and I feel like I’m going crazy because of this.

“I want this to be settled and at the moment the matter is being called in Chambers and the truth is there is no progress at all.

“My mind is not at peace and my family is also suffering because there’s a lot of pressure and I want to be at peace but for as long as this matter is taking forever, I will continue to suffer.”

The disappointed father went on to say that he wants the matter to be heard in court because at the moment he is tired.

“The Police Commissioner is back to his work but I don’t know what is happening to me and my case,” he said.

“The matter has been called so many times but there is no progress. It is still the same thing every time it is called in court but what I want is to get this over and done with.

“They repeat the same thing every time I go to court. There is no progress whatsoever and I feel like that this has taken too long.

“I’m not the only one who is affected by this my family, wife and especially my children, so maybe it’s better for my matter to be heard in court because to tell you the truth there is no point for this to be called in Chambers and yet there is no progress.

“Maybe it will help speed things up because I want the matter to be settled because I can see that Chambers doesn’t work so I strongly believe that it’s time for this to go through the process of court.”

By Deidre Tautua 14 March 2017, 12:00AM
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