Address corrupt practices in govt. first

Dear Editor,

I do not understand why we are having another legislation (law) to be drafted and wasting more money to do it. We already have laws that should have been enforced.

First, why are these students, who cause or encourage violence if convicted, are still around? There are laws and prison time if they are proven guilty.

Second, why has not the government done nothing so far? Stui and his cabinet minister should get into their expensive SUV, drive to Avele College and talk to the students.

Now is Stui talking about the new legislation that reflect our Christian living, culture practices and modern day disciplinary measures?

Again, our Christian value and our Churches is becoming a corrupted business machine. The pastors and the churches only care about their pocket books, keep themselves wealthy while the members of the churches are getting poorer and poorer. 

Do you think this is the time for the churches to step in and help? 

Nada, nothing, they don’t care.

For the cultural practices that the Cabinet is talking about, well, it started from the top. When you used “culture” as a cover up for corruption, it will come back and bite you in the bottom. This is a classic example of how Stui went to the village and asked to forgive his current Speaker of Parliament from wrongdoing during the election so the Speaker can keep his Parliament seat. 

When the leader changes the system, what would you expect from everyone else? Modern day disciplinary measures are meant to follow the laws - follow the law Stui and your Cabinet. 

When you break the law, we have a justice system to follow. Unfortunately, for us in Samoa, there are separate laws for Stui and his cronies, and a different one for us the public.  For example, a worker went to prison for stealing $50 tala but a Cabinet Minister did not go to prison for corruption that cost millions of tala. 

Stui, there is a valid warrant of arrest on his head and he is still in Cabinet.

Where else do you see this? Only in Samoa?

The problem is more than school fighting; it’s a part of the social problems that Stui and his govt. have done nothing to address. When students don’t have hope for a future, no employment for younger generations, hardship, cost of living, a lot more.

Now we do not eat all those fancy multi story buildings in town.

Good luck to Stui and his govt. how to solve this problem.

My suggestion is to stop corruption and stop wasting our public money, but improve our social and economic way of life, and I can tell you a better country and its citizens is the result.

Ola Fia

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