By Layton Lolo 26 September 2016, 12:00AM

Do you think of me?

Cause I think of you

Every day I think of you

And not a second passes

That I don’t miss you


Your smile

Your laugh

Your glittering eyes

Your love and devotion

You were everything 

I wonder sometimes

What if you stayed?

Would I be the one to leave you instead?

Would nothing change the outcome

Of our sweet, sorrowful, parting?

Is this our sick, twisted, and unfair fate?

Is this the design of our life?

The path we can never stray from?

Is this meant to be?

Are we destined to stay apart?

Sometimes while in a stupor of thought

I find myself fantasizing

Fantasizing of what we would be

If we were a movie or a grand best-selling novel

What roles would we play?

Would I be your superman?

And you my Lois Lane?

Or would you be the hero

And I a simple love-sick fan boy

An insignificant person to such magnificence of a hero

But fantasies are not reality

So what will be of us?

Will we be a reality or a beautiful fantasy?

All I have to hold on to are fantasies

At least they go hand in hand with the ones about you

By Layton Lolo 26 September 2016, 12:00AM

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