Fake news

Re: The U.S.A needs followers 

Stop listening to fake news and propaganda vomited by the mainstream media. Just yesterday, the same CNN fake news “staged” a demonstration by the Muslim’s in London after the London bridge attack to show that they were against the attack. 

And a true patriot was around the corner to take footage of what happened and posted on the social media for those that were interested in the truth.

This is the same media that you are getting your information from. The misinformation that you are getting shows how much you’ve been misled by the establishment news media that’s been feeding the frenzy of lies and deception about everything about Trump colluding with the Russians. 

You probably deny the existence of the globalist group called the Bilderbergs that’s pushing the Climate Change agenda as well. 

And I sense you support the open boarders for the influx of terrorist that is migrating to Europe that is causing havoc and destruction from a war started by the Bushes and the Obama’s. I don’t have any party affiliation, only the truth I want and I’ll call a spade a spade.


Leituala Roger B

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