About street vendors and years of H.R.P.P. rule

Dear Editor,

MP Lautafi and his govt talk about the report on Child Street Vendors but in this whole article, the govt did not even mention any solution to the child street vendor problem. 

The people have been screaming out for a solution to this problem for many years but PM Tuilaepa and his govt denied it 100 times over. 

Now they’ve finally admitted that there is a problem but it’s taken a report which involved International Labor Organization (I.L.O) for them to admit it and see the problem is worse than they thought. 

For the sake and safety of the children, the govt need to act and they need to act NOW! 

But I doubt it they’d be able to come up with a solution and implement it any time soon. 

All the social problems Samoa is facing today were created by H.R.P.P and they too will not be solved anytime soon. 

If the people saw this child street vendor issue as a problem for many years but the govt couldn’t see it, then what sort of leaders do we have currently running our country today? 

There is no way this problem will go away under the leadership of this same govt and PM. 

You (the people) cannot ask for changes for the better from the same people (H.R.P.P) who created the problem in the first place. 

It does not align with the law of the Universe and the Law of Nature - you’d have to be stupid to think otherwise. 

So let’s not get our hopes up and expect changes for the better from PM Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P - expect the worse. 

Come next year we’d still be talking about the same problem. 

The only way to solve our social problems is to remove the H.R.P.P altogether.

There are a lot of well-educated people with integrity who can lead this country towards a prosperous future. 

Unfortunately, PM Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P have shut them out because they are a threat to them eg. Su’a Rimoni Ah Chong and a lot of others like him. 

If there ever were an auction for human brains, I would buy the H.R.P.P’s brains. Why? Because they are brand new as they’ve never been used before - well, that is if they have any to begin with.



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