“A Great Woman”

Think a minute…There was a young married couple who really struggled to make enough money just to live on. One day the husband took all their money and bought a small service station.

His wife Jane did not think this was a smart, good investment. She knew her husband did not have the experience, knowledge or time to manage the service station.

Well, she was right. Their station soon went out of business and she and her husband lost everything they owned! The husband came home that evening very discouraged, expecting his wife to be angry and remind him that she had told him not to do it.

But he was so surprised when she sat down with him and said, “I’ve been doing some figuring. You don’t smoke or drink alcohol, but if you had, we would have lost just as much money as we did with the service station.

Don’t worry, let’s just forget it.”  This is a true story. That wife could easily have hurt, even destroyed, her husband’s self-confidence that evening. He was already feeling like a failure. But instead she let him know she still believed in him.

Friend, our husband needs to know that we respect and support him, especially when he fails or faces opposition. He needs to know that we’re on his side no matter what happens or the mistakes he makes.

We need to make our home a safe place so that our husband always knows he won’t be criticized and put down when he comes home. If we could guard and control our words and attitudes, just think how peaceful and happy our home and marriage would be.

But it’s not easy to learn self-control and always accept and respect your husband, even though he has faults and weaknesses. That’s why it’s only with Jesus Christ’s kind of love that we can do it. If you’ll ask Jesus to forgive you for not being the wife you should, He will help you to start changing and learning to love the way He does.

Only Jesus can help you always give your husband the respect and confidence he needs from you to become the real man you need and want him to be.  Just Think a Minute

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