I need a job so that my father can rest

By Seia Soloi 12 May 2017, 12:00AM

Each person has a responsibility to provide for their own needs. In some cultures, this will mean growing or hunting for food. In a modern culture, it means working to earn enough money to pay for all that is needed. 

Afa Tuveve from the village of Lauli’i was speaking to Village Voice yesterday. 

“Once upon a time, we didn’t need to work to earn money for food, we were born to grow and hunt for food,” he said. 

“But nowadays, changes influence our lives and we are required to work for the wealth of our families. 

 “At home, it’s just me, my dad and my four sisters.

“My dearest mother passed away while we were very young, so my father has been the only breadwinner till now.  

“Because of the fact he doesn’t earn that much, the plantation does the trick for other things. 

“He works to pay the bills while I work  on the plantation for food and some extra money. 

“So this is the deal and that’s what we are still doing right now. 

“As you can also see, my dad is on his way to work while I have to make sure we have some taro for our evening meal. 

But Afa has been thinking for a while now that he needs to get a job.

“I do like working on the plantation, but my father is getting old,” he said. 

“Sometimes he’s sick but he still forces himself to go to work because he doesn’t want our water and electricity to get cut off.

“This is why I’ve been thinking that I need to get a job soon. 

“I can do any work and I can work really hard. 

“I don’t want my father to continue on working because we never know what might happen. 

“To be honest we can’t lose him too; he needs to take a rest from his job. 

The 21 year old said, he is also very aware that he is the only guy in the family. 

“My sisters deserve a hardworking brother and they are counting on the work of my hands. 

“Thinking about it, I am almost always needed to do all the chores and also I have to be the one to earn money for a living. 

“I am needed to step up and become the man of the family and be able to support my sisters. 

 “I know it will be an honor to provide for my family if I got hired soon and I do hope so. 

“Everyone has a responsibility to provide for their own needs and I want to work so that I will take on the responsibility of caring for my family.” 

If you want to offer a job or know of someone who could offer him one, Afa can be contacted through 7247589.

By Seia Soloi 12 May 2017, 12:00AM

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