Faithful Christians fear God

Dear Editor,

My interest in the recent controversial stigmata phenomena amplified after I read Pastor Samoa Unoi’s response to the Samoa Observer’s interview on the same subject.  

Well done, Pastor Unoi!  You deserve a Nobel Prize for being the only Servant of God with the courage to speak up against the stigmata based on the scriptures.  I wish you elaborated more on your responses and the whole doctrine of Jesus’ death and resurrection in relation to the stigmata.  

However, you were constrained by time and the scope of questions asked by the interviewer. The grievances against your views could have been avoided if the full spiritual principles underpinning your views were provided.  

Anyhow, people are entitled to their opinions but I wish they could only focus on the topic and not the person who provided the information.

As a staunch Christian, I appreciate hearing “both sides of the story”. The provision of different views on any controversial matter provides a basis for any reader to draw conclusions between right and wrong.   

However, in this case, there seems to be a large piece of the parcel missing.  And this brings me to the question of the whereabouts of the rest of the Pastors, Reverends, Denominations, Theological Colleges and people who claim themselves as Church Leaders?

Why haven’t they made a stance on this stigma?  What is your church’s position on this subject?  So many Christians seem to be confused on the meaning and relevance of the stigmata  and am sure your position/stance could help resolve people’s confusion and uncertainty. “A tonu foi o le isi auala lea e aoaoina ai i tatou ile UPU a le Atua o le fai ma aumai manatu o Susuga i Faafeagaiga ile pepa aua ua tumu Tafaigata i le au Uso. Ma le isi mea, o le toatele e le malamalama i le UPU a le Atua aua faatoa tago lava i le Tusi Paia i le aso Sa pe a alu i le lotu.”

I have heard through the coconut wireless many views supporting Pastor Samoa’s stance on this subject including Senior Reverends and Church Leaders of the main churches in Samoa. 

Yet, none are brave enough to express their views fearing the consequences of losing their bread and butter.  Talofa e, Faithful Christians only fear God and not other people. God created us and therefore HE is the only God that we worship and bow to. HE is the King of Kings and HIS name must be glorified now and forever more.

And one more advice to our dear writers, please focus on the issues and not the person. 

It’s very easy to tag along with the majority just for its sake rather than standing your own ground and viewpoints. By the way, I fully support Pastor Unoi’s views that this stigmata phenomena is a demonic revelation according to the Word of God.

God bless!

Mareko Ioane Mataio

Handicap 18


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