Undeniable truth

Dear Editor 

Re: This moment belongs to Trump

The absolute truth is that Trump is the President Elect and Pence is the Vice President Elect. 

These are undeniable truths.

Whether the popular vote is correct or incorrect that doesn’t matter. The news media, the pollsters and political analysts will come up with something to cover their embarrassment and their bias in reporting of incorrect news, data, and information.

The Republican had a great strategy to voice concern over rigged election because of the fact voting machines which made by a company of George Zorro who’s a Democratic party contributor, has been proven to do the opposite when people placed their vote, which means voting machines were programmed to favor a certain candidate. They can blame it on a software bug, but the fact that this election wasn’t rigged,  the right candidate won.

President Bush as you mentioned also won the election. This is also the truth. Vice President Gore won the popular vote but that wasn’t the vote he needed to win the election, so that didn’t matter either. 

The true test of President Bush’s presidency, which some Democrats admitted that they were happy that it was Bush in the White House and not Al Gore when the two towers came down in New York, because Al wouldn’t have the fortitude to respond forcefully as it was with George W. Bush.

Of course most of them turned around and criticized the war they supported because the wind of popular opinions blew towards the other direction when the war dragged on, that’s how people are especially politicians they like to take the credit but don’t like to take the blame.

Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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