Where is Christianity and the churches?

Dear Editor,

Here are the facts. Samoa’s suicide rate is about 30 per 100,000 people according to Fa’ataua Le Ola. The stats make grim reading when compared to suicide rate in the U.S. of 12 per 100,000 people in a population of 232 million people. 

I totally agree with Reverend Fuga of the A.O.G church that every action an individual decides to do is a personal choice and it comes straight from the heart. But we are talking here about people taking their lives in a population of more than 95% Christians which should be in the business of saving lives. 

If we can take that into consideration, then naturally we should be asking the question of why it’s happening when the population in Samoa is full of Christians compared to other Christian countries like the U.S. with 71% Christians.

 I’m just looking at the suicide rate, not the economies and states social developments which makes the comparisons quite unfair. 

So how successful is the Church and Christianity in Samoa if they’re actively playing their role (???) in the community? 

Well, people commit suicide because of chronic depression. They don’t want to die; they just want an end to whatever problems they’re facing. 

So if 30 Christians in 100,000 decide to take their lives in a country of less than 190,000 Christians, then naturally, people should ask the question of why it’s happening when the place is full of Christian Churches. 

If they’re in the community and they’re playing whatever role (????) in the community, then why is there pain and suffering in our community? 

Why were these Christians depressed about life and why did they have that feeling of helplessness and unworthiness? 

Well the stats speak for itself, if people cannot find justification for their existence in this world and the Church is right there, then whatever role the Church believes it’s doing in the community is just non existent and any claims of active service to Christianity should be shrugged off and should be viewed only as mere exaggerations. 

Nothing is working at all, people are dying needlessly, you don’t rebuke Corrupt politicians, you take money from the poor, you don’t show charity to the poor and you don’t even show any concerns about the level of integrity violations in the government. 

Where is Christianity and where is the Church that was established by Jesus Christ on the day of the Pentecost?


Le Mafa P

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