Those amazing women

Dear Editor,


Re: Happy International Women’s Day  

I am lying in the hospital right now watching the amazing caring patient work that is done by the nurses made up of predominantly women. 

I think about what I do in education to help educate the future for society a job made up predominantly of women and I’m baffled to understand how women worldwide are not held in the highest esteem.

It’s unbelievable that the highest value in the world is still the pursuit of profit and those who dominate this thinking are still held in the highest esteem and paid accordingly, it should be the other way around. 

There is something wrong with the world’s thinking. 

Women are the foundation in society and I am seeing this so clearly as I lay here having to depend on others. 

Every day should be a day where women are valued for what they contribute to the world. The world would cease to exist if women did not do the work that women do in societies. 

If a person cannot see this and takes issue with this they simply do not understand women’s value. Women need to embrace their value and teach the world to not take our value for granted.


Ueni Kanata

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