Don’t follow your conscience

Think a minute…Some young children were asked this question: “What is a conscience?” A 6-year-old boy said he thought it was “the bad feeling you get when you kick girls and puppies.”

A 9-year-old said your conscience is “a voice inside that says ‘No’ when you want to beat up your little brother.” A guy was giving his friend advice on how to make a decision. He said: “You’ve got to follow your conscience.

It’s like the little man inside you telling you what’s right and wrong. Just do whatever your little man tells you to do.” His friend answered: “No, that won’t work for me. My little man’s an idiot!”

It’s like the popular song about a person who’s committing adultery that says: “How can this love be so wrong if it feels so right? If lovin’ you is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”

Our feelings and conscience are NOT always a good guide to show us what’s right and wrong. Since everyone one of us has the tendency to be self-centered in one way or another, we’ve damaged and confused our conscience. So we often tell ourselves that certain wrong things are right so we won’t feel guilty about doing them.

A person can be very wrong even though he doesn’t feel wrong or guilty. For example: Adolph Hitler had 6 million Jews tortured and murdered just because of their race! But he did not show any guilt for all the evil he did.

Does that mean he was not guilty of all those wrongs, just because he didn’t feel guilty? Of course not! You and I can tell a small lie, cheat on our taxes, school exams or customs duty, or get away with a little stealing.

But that does not mean it’s right, or that we will never be caught and punished. The fact is we’re still guilty of doing those wrong things, even if everybody else is doing it.

So because we cannot depend on our conscience or feelings every time, we need Jesus Christ to be our guide Who can clearly show us what’s right and wrong every day.

Today, even though you have not felt very guilty, you now understand that you are guilty of living your own way. You know that you’ve done wrong things: wrong thoughts, words, and actions.

Maybe they were even things you thought were not wrong because many other people do them. Yet the good news is Jesus Christ will still forgive you and start changing your life if you let Him.

So why not ask Him to take full control of your life and help you start living His way every day? It’s the way you can finally have real peace in your conscience, and the satisfaction of living the right, successful way.

Just Think a Minute …

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