Are you serious?

Dear Editor,

 I just read in today’s paper (Weekend Observer) that “Mauga Precious Chang was not in Court but her lawyer and former Attorney General, Aumua Ming Leung Wai was for her.

Did I miss a new law in the making? 

Does that mean you no longer need to go to Court and stand in the “ box” if you are charged?  

Or was this privilege awarded only to miss Mauga by the presiding Judge?  Would I have received the same privilege as a normal citizen without a high official law title? I don’t think so! 

 If that is not a blatant abuse of power, position and behaviour above the law, it’s borderline absurd, then my name is not “U kidding me.” Unbelievable. Abuse of Power! Shameful behaviour throughout this. People would be asked to step down elsewhere.

It’s been months of “time wasting,  wasting tax payer money, all because  some  high faluting  person with a “ high official title has dragged the whole Samoa legal system into this issue instead of humbly admitting to some  accident. 

Everybody has accidents, big and small.  That’s life.

If I was the driver, the normal citizen without a high official law title, I would have been charged five months ago. Finished.  Life goes on.

I hope and pray we see and hear the end of this drama sooner than later.

Sore Ears, Sore Eyes


Matahari Natarangi.

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