Trump and his band of fools

Dear Editor,

Re: Aumata backs fresh climate talks

Even if the move is temporarily to rethink a U.S.A position on the issue, a huge setback, a hell-hole for opportunists, has been conveniently created by Humpty Dumpty Trumpty. 

This Trump guy and his band of fools have no clue of the huge mistake they’ve made. The costly devastation to the U.S.A, politically, economically, strategically, logistically, financially, etc., will be felt in due time. 

But it will be a huge setback for American policies internally and globally. Trumpy’s ill advised, narrow minded, impulsive bull crab opened a huge window of opportunity for other wannabes, China included, to steal the spot light of leadership on the World Stage which took eons of U.S.A Leaderships to attain and maintained at high stakes and costs. 

It is the only desired power perch that matters to all major countries of the world, which by the way, cannot be a possibility in isolation.

Now we see countries the U.S.A helped build into formidable powerhouse are today salivating for the title; World Leadership. 

Rightfully so, they are able and ready to replace the U.S.A. 

What better time to move then right now with a Humpty Dumpty President ready and willing to kill Americas Golden goose. Evidently these facts are lost with this self centered naked king and his subjects. What a pity, a ea?


Asipau McMoore

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