Be like a bee

Think a minute…Have you ever wondered if there is a specific place and purpose for you in life?  In the world of honeybees, each bee has a very specific, important job. There is the queen bee who rules.

Then the other 50,000-80,000 bees in the hive are divided into groups, each with their own important purpose. For example, the hunter bees collect food and bring it to the hive.

The guard bees protect the beehive. The repair bees make a kind of cement to fix and repair the hive. And the list of bee groups and jobs goes on and on. Quite amazing!

Millions of people in the world dream about the beautiful islands of Asia and the Pacific. Our white, sandy beaches and blue Pacific waters. They see picture postcards of our lush green jungles, waterfalls, and sleepy villages, not to mention breathtaking sunsets. Believe it or not, many people in the world think we have very nice “beehives!”

Yet, have you found your own place and purpose in life? Or are you still waking up every morning wondering what you’re going to do in life? You see, just as God knew exactly what He was doing when He created beehives with a special place and purpose for each tiny little bee, how much more did He know what He was doing when He designed and created you with an important plan for your life.

But until you ask Jesus Christ to take complete charge of your life everyday, you can never have the satisfaction and peace of knowing what you can do in life. Only Jesus can show you how to find and fill your rightful place in this world, so you can get all the happiness and success out of your life.

He will show you the unique, special person you are and how to fully use the personality and abilities He’s given you.

So why not ask Jesus to take full control and start changing your life today, and for the rest of your life?   Just Think a Minute…

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