Farewell, baby Miracle!

Baby Miracle was laid to rest at her family land at Matautu Falelatai yesterday.

Her funeral service was held at Catholic Church in Matautu Falelatai.

Baby Miracle’s father, Mikaele Nanai, spoke highly of his daughter’s battle when she was alive.

“The life of Baby Miracle was very hard,” he told the gathering.

“It was very hard and at times it hurts us as much as it hurts her."

“When she was born people say things to her things that no parent or child should ever have to listen to."

“People call her all sorts of names, names that nobody should be called they would compare her to things that did not define her."

“When Baby Miracle was born, she was with us for five months and she was taken in by Papalii Carol Ah Chong."

“Papalii took her in and cared for her for eight years."

“All Baby Miracle’s life was with Papalii and it wasn’t easy for Papalii as well as we’ve all heard her talked about.”

After eight years, Baby Miracle was brought back to us and so I had only spent two years with Baby Miracle, it wasn’t easy.

“Baby Miracle can’t eat hard food, everything has to be in liquid so we had to make sure that she was well looked after."

“And even when she was with us, Papalii never left her side she was always with Baby Miracle."

“While Baby Miracle was with us, she knew very well when it’s time for her to eat she would cry." 

“It’s through crying that tells us that she’s hungry.”

Mr. Nanai went on to say that his daughter endured a hard life.

“Baby Miracle does not eat through her mouth,” he said.

“There is a tube that connects through her stomach and that’s how she eats, but it’s funny when she sucks the food through her stomach we see her mouth moving like she was eating through her mouth."

“She would know when a person touches her and when a person leaves her."

“She gained her strength from relying on God and that’s how she was able to live this long.”

Moreover, Mr. Nanai said during Baby Miracle’s last day, she did not want any of them to know.

“We went to the hospital and her mother went to get her records but I was in the car,” he said.

“When her mother went inside the hospital not even two minutes I looked at the back of the car and she had left us."

“But she waited for her mother Papalii to come because Papalii arrived on Saturday night and Baby Miracle left us on Sunday around 5pm."

“We are not sad because we know Baby Miracle touched so many lives and she was able to live for so many years and she had a blessed life."

“I thank Papalii and her family for looking after and caring for Baby Miracle I know she left peacefully and very happy knowing that she was loved by so many.”

Baby Miracle was 10 years old when she passed away.

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