Knowledge is power

Dear Editor,

Re: What President Donald Trump has already done for America!

It’s almost laughable to know how many of Samoa’s delegations that went to the Rio’s signing of the climate change agreement in 2012 only to come home empty handed. 

I think it was 30 of them. They were hoping of making a lot of money from this scam that the Elites perpetrated. 

Now Trump has reversed America’s policy of climate change and called it a hoax further antagonizes Samoa’s lust for getting money from this fraud. 

The U.N. first called it Global Warming, then later changed it to Climate Change to suit their political agenda. 

The irrational weather patterns we’re seeing today and the corruption and evil we’re confronting is the cyclical nature of consciousness; the as above so below concept that the earth goes through according to astrologers that’s been monitoring this phenomena for thousands of years ago. 

We are now in the Kali Yuga cycle according to the Indians or Hindu which is the end of time so to speak which correlates with the Mayan calendar; but it’s not, it’s just an end to an epoch. 

The creator, the preserver and the destroyer. 

We are in the destroyer part of the cycle only to purify the earth for the next “spring” if you will to usher in the new growth and to repeat the cycle again.” Ole fuata ma lona lou.” 

Ole aso male filiga ole aso fo’i male ma’ata’igatila.” Ole aso male mea e tupu ai. We were master astrologers before Christendom arrived at our shores and gave us a “piece meal” belief who God was and yet we already knew who the real for a lack of a better word “God” is. 

He is the Ether, he has no name, ole Silisiliese in our reference point. 

We forgot how to use our natural healing remedies, we forgot how to navigate using the stars, and our natural form of government of Pule ma Tumua because we excepted something we thought was true but was not. 

Knowledge is power only when we recognized to listen to the Christ within us.

Leituala Roger B.

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