Man sets the record straight

Much has been said and written about the role of women in families.

But men also have an equally critical role.

Meet Mulivai Misa from the village of Salelesi. The 40-year-old believes that without men, Samoa wouldn’t be where it is today. 

Mulivai told the Village Voice men were not given the title “head of the family” for no reason.

“To me, I disagree with what some people are saying that women are the ones taking care of our families,” said Mulivai.

“We often hear people saying that women are the ones holding our families together and that without them, we can’t solve anything.

“To me, the reason why we refer to men as head of our families is because we look after and take care of our families. 

“We make the decisions in the family and yes, women help us with our decision making, but we are the ones who make the final decisions for the betterment of our families, villages and churches as well.”

He said he is not trying to paint a bad picture about the roles women play in our communities. 

But he wants to set some things straight.

“Women have their own roles and responsibilities as well in our families, villages and churches. 

“But that doesn’t mean that they are the ones who are in charge of our families.”

Mulivai made reference to the story in Genesis 2 about Adam and Eve. 

“Genesis 2 states that God formed Adam out of the dust of the ground, and then Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs.

“We are all familiar with this story and we all know that the man was created first, before the woman.

“This means that we should always give men respect as they are given the title “head of the family.”

“For my family, we are used to this order. My wife and children know that I am the head of the family and we all work together and understand each other.

“We don’t always fight as well, because once I hear a problem, I act on it straight away.

“I discuss things with my wife and I always ask her for her opinion as well, but I usually make the final decisions.”

Finally, Mulivai reiterated that men play a vital role in our societies.

“Most of us think that men don’t do anything at home. But we play a very important role in our societies, and I don’t like it when people say that women are doing all the work.

“In Samoa, we rely on each other and as men and fathers, we make sure that our families are well-taken care of, we make decisions, we feed our families and we straighten out any differences within our families. 

“If we understand this and if we all work together, then we will have stronger and united families, villages and churches.

“This is also why God created Eve from Adam’s rib. So they can help each other and work together to take care of God’s gifts to the world.”

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