Our problems curable

Dear Editor,

It’s interesting to read the discussion on here about the challenges in Samoa. 

If I might add, Samoa’s situation, in comparison to these world players, is curable and still manageable. 

Curable in that most of Samoa’s problems causing suffering are man-made, and can be healed with proper local treatment. Manageable in the sense we don’t have much compared. We are a small country with a common language and racial identity. 

Our size, population, location, our resources, and an intense common ideology as Samoans, begs the question of why, aisea lava ua fa’apenei ai le le fa’amaoni, le le alofa o le Samoa i le Samoa?

In other words, with political will, courage and love of country, our leaders can easily kick out Satan and say to China, A.D.B, and who ever…thanks but no thanks. 

Samoa can govern it’s own affairs, live within it’s means and still be a willing contributing member of the world community. That is what independence is about. 

Money is only a means to an end. Samoa has all we need. Plenty to eat; drink and be merry. No need for our leaders to fia big shots on the world stage when the home front is a mess, makuai gugulu le ko’akele o le akugu’u.


A.S. Pau

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