A very dangerous game

Dear Editor,


Re: Fonotoe still the Deputy P.M

How quickly the P.M. tries to correct and twist the headlines that are actually correct in the media. According to all media outlets, she won the Deputy Leader of his party. Not once did I read that she won the Deputy Prime Minister. 

I also want to point out per his quote here, she won the “H.R.P.P Constitution”

Which begs the question. Is he running the country under the H.R.P.P Constitution or Samoa Constitution? We all know the answer now after the election and, confirm our collective belief leading up to the election.

According to any democracy, a government operates and performs its duties and responsibilities under The Constitution. A party operates under “Bylaws”.

Here are the most troubling languages of this article that will allow the P.M to become a Dictator: Noticed the use of the terms Head of State and the word appoint? 

As I commented on another article after the election, Tuilaepa will hold both The Head Of State and the Prime Minister of Samoa titles. It will give him the power to “Appoint” anyone he wants to any position of the government he sees fit. 

It is exactly what a dictator would do.

Under the Constitution section 32, Cabinet, there shall be a cabinet of Ministers who shall have the general direction and control of the executive government of Samoa and shall be collectively responsible therefor to parliament.

The Constitution also states that the Head of State appoints the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister acting on the advice of the Prime Minister.

In section 32 (2), the Head of State shall appoint a Prime Minister to preside over cabinet, a member of parliament who commands the confidence of a majority of the Members of Parliament.

 (b) The Head of State shall, acting on the advice of the Prime Minister, appoint not fewer than eight nor more than twelve other Members of Parliament to be Ministers;

 (ba) The Head of State shall, acting on the advice of the Prime Minister, appoint one of the Ministers appointed under subclause (b) to be Deputy Prime Minister;

 (c) If an appointment is to be made while the Legislative Assembly is dissolved, a person who was a Member of Parliament immediately before the Assembly was last dissolved may be appointed to be Prime Minister or a Minister;

 (d) Appointments under the provisions of this clause shall be made by the Head of State by instrument under the Public Seal.


T. Samatua 

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