Why? How? Where? When? What?

Questions, answers, things that I ponder

Things that I search for, but never find

Every day, all the time, every minute growing fonder

A leader, a follower, a friend, or a simple man?

Decisions to make, plans to follow, opportunities to gain

Opportunities too difficult, but so worth it

But the stress, can I withstand the strain?

People to include, family, friends, … deeper friends?

Relationship; are they good? or a mistake?

But what do I know?!

Most of mine have been built on something feeble or fake!

People? Position? Jobs? Decisions?

Where did it go wrong?

Why is it so confusing or complicated?

Why can’t I be strong?

Strong enough to overcome

To evolve, to grow and flourish

Do I deserve what I am and are?

To be unable to truly live; oh I wish!

I wish things could be simpler

Easier and peaceful

Not all messed up and backwards

Dark, harsh and dull

Like I said before

I ponder questions unseen

So here’s one more

What of me?

Think just for a second how life would be if you weren’t free?  How would you feel if you were a slave?  How about a prisoner, trapped in your own country?  What would it be like if we all lost our freedom?  Freedom is one thing I’m happy I have.

Some today don’t know what it means to be free.  The only answer you might get is, “Being free means that we can do whatever we want!”  Although there is some truth in that phrase, it still doesn’t fully describe it.  Yes we might be able to choose what we want to do, but we can’t do any and every thing we want.

Being free means we can take a walk in the late evening and watching the sun set, we can live life the way we decide, we can love with no end, we can create wonders unlike any before, we can grow with nothing holding us back;  that’s what it means to be free.

There are so many stories of bravery and heroism where a single person or several people have done what was needed in order to win freedom.  One tale was the story of the American civil war.  There were many reasons why the war started but one of the main reasons why this war started, and the one I want to focus on, was because of the new law that announced that slavery was to be ended.

Now that is a cause worthy to fight for!  To fight for and defend freedom is one of the greatest acts of service anyone can give to this world.  So how do you feel now about your freedom?  Do you feel lucky because you are free?  Do you feel you don’t deserve such freedom?  Or does your heart go out to those who fought for your freedom?

So remember the meaning of freedom in the next few days up until Independence.

Oh! I almost forgot the poems meaning! The main idea I gave the poem was the view of a person who is over thinking his or hers freedom and doesn’t see the incredible privilege he or she has.  So don’t be like the person in the poem, be grateful to be free, cause who knows how long we’ll have it.


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