Bob carries hopes of Samoa

Bob Malese Maifea is no stranger to the game of golf. 

The Samoan Professional Golfer came fifth last year at the Samoa Open Golf tournament and is aiming to win the first prize this year. 

The 42-year-old said he started playing golf in the year 2000.

“I was interested in playing golf when I retired from playing rugby,” he told the Samoa Observer. 

“It’s an interesting game and it’s very challenging.”

Said Bob, there is a big difference between being a golfer and being a rugby player.  

“The difference between rugby and golf is that golf is a one man game. You play on your own and you have to work really hard to get the right results you want. But for rugby, you have the other players to help you and you play as a team with the other players. 

“For golf you put your own mind into it and play your own game.”

However, Bob said the fitness he had from playing rugby had helped him in playing golf.  

Bob said that he is expecting a very tough competition today, however, he is optimistic. 

“I know it’s going to be a competition because we have all the professional golfers here from Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji coming together for this tournament. 

“But I am in it to win it, and I want to win this year on our own home soil. I was born here in Fagalii around the area where they have the golf course now and so I am aiming for the first place.”

Bob told the Samoa Observer that golf can teach us a lot of skills about life, and he encourages more people to play golf. 

“I think it is important to get our children involve in the game, because it helps build up their characters,” he said. 

“Humility and respect are some of the skills that we can learn from playing golf. Golf requires that you show courtesy to others and that you communicate with respect.

Punctuality is another aspect, said Bob. 

“When the tournament schedule states "Tee time is at 9:00," this means that you are to be on the tee box at 8:55. If you are late to the tee box, you are automatically disqualified, no questions asked. While this can be a tough lesson to learn, it is one that works brilliantly and has instilled in my son the importance of being on time for not only every tournament but every event in life.

Moreover, he said that golf requires an amazing amount of concentration, and quiet is required at all times on the golf course. 

“While this takes practice for young kids, it is a life skill that teaches constraint and respect for others.

Golf is a tough sport, he added. 

“It requires that you not only know the physics of hitting the ball (and what club to use when) but requires intense mental and emotional concentration. Silencing the inner critic after a "bad shot" is crucial to regaining clear focus, which is an advanced skill to learn but one that can take you very far in life.

In his final comments, he added that golf teaches us that we do not succeed every time we try something in life. 

“But it pushes you to do better every day.”

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