Lessons for the Tautua

Dear Editor,


Re: Money swayed elections, Palu breaks his silence

I share your disappointment in the absence of an Opposition party. 

But there are lessons for you and the Tautua Party in moving forward. 

Let me point your attention to some not-so-smart policies you advertised before the election, which directly killed off any hope for the Tautua Party. 

You advertised that the Tautua Party would legislate everyone to go to church on Sundays and close all beaches. 

Well what an ill-informed idea. I warned you via this medium to leave your own personal convictions out of politics and that what you are actually saying is that you will close down Samoa’s Tourism industry on Sundays.

I warned you that not all Samoans worship on Sundays and that Samoa depends entirely on the Tourism dollar. 

So legislating one’s beliefs and going to church does not equate to an improved Samoa as you inferred. 

Now why would the voters vote for the Tautua Party if you want to close down the Tourism industry on Sundays and legislate what we believe? 

Not everyone that visits our shores shares the same beliefs as us so forcing them to sit in their hotel rooms on Sundays when they’ve spent thousands of dollars to come here is stupidity at its best and tourism suicide. 

If you ask me, that is not the kind of leadership required by Samoa. 

And by the looks of the election outcome, you have been told in no uncertain terms - leave freedom of belief and the tourism industry alone.


Doktor G.F.

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