You can’t serve two masters

Dear Editor,

Re: Blame the parents 

Is “scheming” part of the curriculum teacher?

Ok my friend (not my real friend),if “development starts at home” Pedro, then you should be morally coherent because both your folks were educated overseas and they were both church going Christians which makes you a Christian too. 

We should expect all Christian parents to guide their children in accordance with Christian principles and values. 

Like when a young lawyer (teacher) quizzed Jesus about the most important commandment in the law of Moses, Jesus replied: “Love the Lord with all your Heart and Soul and Love thy neighbor.” 

So if you were drilled well at home when you were young, then I ‘m sure that Justice for the poor and fairness for the oppressed should emanate from your expressed standpoints and opinions all the time. 

You are just different (same as Holyweed) you seemed to be very uncertain and confused, at one hand you’re trying to play Mr. Fix it to try and solve some social problems and on the other hand. You are really comfortable with government corruption and white collar crimes by H.R.P.P. 

Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters.”

How did you end up this confused about your responsibilities and obligations to your Christian faith if “development starts at home”?

Mind you young children are blameless until they reach a certain point in life where they will have to make their own decisions. 

However, a life that was founded on discipline and moral principles should grow up to be morally disciplined and law abiding and definite understands the meaning of ‘Morality’.

Faimai fo’i le upu a le Tusi Paia Kerisiano “A’oa’o le tama e tusa ma ona ala, a o’o ina matua e le toe te’a ese ai lava”

So was it your decision to serve two masters or are we going to point the finger as usual and blame some certain people for your own shortcomings and predicament Pedro?



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