This is online abuse

Dear Editor,

Re: No suspect is search for “Ole Palemia”

Why should Rev. Opapo have to put up with these humiliating personal and malicious attacks against his family just because he is in the public eye? 

He is not an elected politician that needs to be held to account. 

He is a private citizen. Just like all other private citizens who are the subject of news articles in the daily newspaper.

Attack his theological positions by all means but personally attacking his family by saying those very personally degrading things about his daughter and him without any proof whatsoever (OLP/MR did not provide any on his/her blog) is just evil. 

Especially in a communal society like Samoa where the power of gossip can damage reputations in the most vicious ways. 

It is nothing but a disgraceful attempt to silence their religious beliefs in the most derogatory way. 

Take their views on and debate their premises through argument. But not by attacking them personally like this.

The only real defence to defamation is if OLP/MR’s allegations are true but in every blog article he/she has written about this subject he/she has not provided any proof except to call upon Rev Opapo to provide DNA samples.

WHAT? OLP you are the one that made the allegation, so it is for YOU to provide the evidence! It is like an accuser asking the accused to provide evidence for the accuser’s allegations. It won’t stand up in court.

Malicious internet trolling in an attempt to harass private people is starting to become a serious problem in western countries. 

Online bullying is starting to be taken seriously by law enforcement in western countries and I hope Samoa follows suit.


PS Jeffrey 

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