University moves to tackle youth unemployment

By Nefertiti Matatia 21 January 2018, 12:00AM

Students can now register for the Preliminary Certificate in Technical Vocational Educational and Training (P.C.T.V.E.T.) at the National University of Samoa (N.U.S.).

N.U.S. Vice Chancellor, Professor Asofou So’o Leapa’i, made the announcement during a press conference at the Oloamanu Center on Friday.

The P.C.T.V.E.T. programme is aimed to provide a tailor made second chance open formal learning opportunities to the disadvantaged youth and adults who intend to pursue further studies at the Post School Education (P.S.E.T.) level in Samoa.

According to Tauvaga Vaai, the Senior Professional Development and Curriculum Coordinator for the National University, the initiative was raised by the Oloamanu Center to alleviate youth unemployment and also for students who do not qualify to attend the university.

“There is a high rate of youth unemployment and this is one way of alleviating that problem, which is through education,” he said.

There will be six courses offered for the P.C.T.E.V.T. programme for the whole year.

For students who cannot read or write properly, Tauvaga states they are looking into getting suitable people who specialise in this area.

“We are looking into getting people who are well trained in the area with students with special needs, but not so much under that category. 

“They do have the ability to learn, but it is because they missed out on their opportunity during their time to grasp onto this level of opportunities.

“We go down to level zero, we get people with limited ability to read and write, but also for those who don’t make the marks for getting into different programmes and courses so that is what the P.C.T.V.E.T. Programme is about,” he added.

One of the courses is Communication and this course about is about getting students into basic reading and writing skills. 

“If you look at the framework of any learning pathway, it begins with level one right up to level 10, for our purpose we go below level one.”

Tauvaga affirmed that they will not be training the students for employment straight after, but equipping them for continuing on with their learning pathway to education in particular. 

Talking to the Samoa Observer, he said they had also deducted the cost for the P.C.T.V.E.T. courses.

“We have already dropped the price of the courses due to their economic background, we assumed their economic backgrounds. Per course would be $250 that is besides registration fees. The normal price was $330 but now we dropped it.”

He mentioned even those with criminal backgrounds can register since there are some youths who hesitate to enroll due to their criminal records. 

“This is one way of alleviating those social problems, yes as long as the case is closed and they are back to society as normal. We do accept them to have access to education.”

The P.C.T.V.E.T. will be based where Oloamanu Center is located and there will be three classrooms available.

By Nefertiti Matatia 21 January 2018, 12:00AM

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