Safe passage

Think a minute…Have you noticed the different kinds of gravestones in cemeteries? In certain Pacific Island countries, they even have the gravestones of their family members right in front of their house. 

There are all styles and sizes of gravestones:  from simple, small piles of stone to huge, majestic tombs with ornate headstones and decorations.

Do you know what the largest gravestones in the world are? They are the pyramids of Egypt, built over 4,000 years ago. 

The gravestone and pyramid of one King is almost 500 feet tall and has over 2 million huge stones. 

Each stone weighs 4,000 pounds or more. The kings of Egypt spent most of their life using thousands of men to build their gravestones!  They were so afraid and desperate to do everything they could to prepare and make sure they lived a safe and happy life after death. They had most of their money and treasures buried with them. 

They even had their wives and servants killed and buried with them so they wouldn’t be alone in their life after death. 

But we can work all our life like those Egyptian kings to get as much money as possible, or positions of power and respect, education, even becoming religious and good; yet in the end, all these things just crumble like gravestones and pyramids. 

The moment we die, all of our works and achievements are totally useless to us. Just like our gravestone cannot help us in our life after death.

Jesus Christ said that’s why He came:  to become our only safe passage and way through death. Then He proved it to us by being the only one in history who could die and be buried for 3 days and still bring Himself back to life. 

The Creator of life Himself is the only one who can get you and me safely through death to enjoy life with Him forever. 

And Jesus promised if we will love Him and live His way, He will lead us safely not only through this life, but also into our eternal life with Him after we die. 

The good news is He promised it is never too late to become His child. 

So we would be safe and smart to ask Him today to take full control of our life—for the rest of our life. Just Think a Minute…

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