Hydro project nears completion

By Ilia L Likou 02 May 2016, 12:00AM

The Ta’elefaga Hydro Project is expected to be completed this month.

This was confirmed by the Electric Power Corporation’s (E.P.C) Project Manager, Fonoti Perelini Fonoti.

“Shipments of equipment to fix the problem at Taelefaga are now in the country and we’re slowly moving into settling the project.

“It won’t take that long and we’re looking at the end of this month,

“The attachment of the equipment at Taelefaga will not take long so there’s no need to worry over the process this time, 

“Hopefully, the process will be put into practice while we monitor it properly. In addition, he said the new system is looking at improving the quality of water that is discharged to the ocean, thus preserving marine life – “that’s the biggest goal”.

“It will help the village and the whole district in the long run.” 

 Last year, the King Construction Company were awarded the contract.

The NZ$1.7million (T$2.8m) project will not only help Ta’elefaga villagers breathe easier, it is designed to protect the environment.

Problems at Ta’elefaga will be addressed with the use of Aeration and Bubble Technology increasing the oxygen saturation of the water. 

It is often required in water bodies that suffer from anoxic conditions, usually caused by adjacent human activities such as sewage discharges, agricultural run-off, or over-baiting a fishing lake.  Not only do fish and other aquatic animals need it, but oxygen breathing aerobic bacteria decompose organic matter. 

By Ilia L Likou 02 May 2016, 12:00AM

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