If we want things for change for the better…

Dear Editor,

Re: Encourage someone, help somebody 

Good thoughts and conclusion Mr. Lesa.

Let me add and emphasize, “where does our strength come from?” 

It doesn’t come from any of the people, places, agencies or organizations you mention. It comes from God! We need more God in our lives. Our lives are the way it is today, in the US, Samoa, Am Samoa and everywhere else in the world because we’ve managed to make God, “politically incorrect” in our lives! 

I don’t want to get on my soapbox and take up space here to give you the story behind that one. But let me give you a few to make my point.

Look at our faifeaus and our churches? Our churches are bigger with a price tag to match and it’s all on the backs of our own! You and I. Do you really believe building another church let alone a monstrous looking church will bring us closer to God? Where is the rational thinking behind that one? The fafeaus are not doing their job. The job they were ordained to do...God’s work! They get a big “fail” in my book! And don’t put the blame on the church organizations and committees. 

Because if you truly believe your calling and see the contradiction between the poor peddling in the streets and your grandeur church and still preach in it on Sunday. Then you, “fafeau,” are contributing to our societal ills. Step up and do the right thing...ask yourselves, “what would Jesus do?”

We cannot solve our own problems because we don’t get on our knees enough to ask God for forgiveness and direction. No, not for a car, to win the lotto, that new pule tasi, a better spouse, a house, better kids, money for your lafoga, etc. We don’t even know how to pray. 

We are so wrapped up in our worldly “stuff,” we forget how to pray. We keep looking to man for answers to our problems. People, it’s bigger than that. Remember, Luke 18:27, “things which are impossible with man is possible with God.”

Our problems arise because we always take the easiest way out. Accepting the bribes, killing yourself, stealing, robbing, looking the “other” way because it doesn’t affect you, making decisions that brings good to yourself only, not taking interest in things around you because it’s beyond your capacity to think or are plain scared! How does God help anyone when they are making the decisions for him? We don’t let him lead anymore. 

We think we “know it all,” and take matters into our own hands. People, it doesn’t work that way. When we put ourselves before God, well, just take a look at the mess we’re all in...Samoa, Am Samoa, US, the world.

You’re 100% correct. Our problems, the ills of this country and the world in general are all our making. Now let me bring it home, the current government and it’s administration exists because you put them in there. Yes, you did. And then you quibble about the corruption and the continued raping of Samoa, “in your face,” right under your noses, and then vote them right back in. 

And you don’t see the insanity in all of this? Look at yourselves! You created the current government. And one can say the same with Am Samoa, US and the world.

People are stupid because they are comfortable being stupid. You don’t have to be educated to see what’s going on in Samoa. What people are is “distracted.” Too distracted to pay any attention. Distracted by their poverty, blaming the tradition and culture, revering the fafeaus fearing they’re a “man of God” (NO MAN OF GOD, allows a monstrous church to be built or accepts money, while there is hunger, poverty, suicides, children rapes, murders, wife beatings and the list goes on, festering in the land!).

If you want things to change for the better. Then let’s start by really confessing to God what your part is in bringing about the ills that exist today. Then ask him to give you direction. Ask him to be the loudest voice in your thoughts and in your heart so you can do what is righteous in his eyes. If you don’t get this, then strap on your seat belts because the ride is going to tremble even harder!


Stella M.

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