We’re not really serious about getting rid of plastics

Dear Editor

Nobody really seems to be serious about getting rid of plastic.  

As soon as a ban is introduced on one item, some clown will come up with something else. 

One Supermarket gets rid of throw away plastic bags and then immediately start selling reusable plastic bags, but, they’re still plastic and I guarantee in the majority of cases, they won’t be used more than twice.

Further, now when you go to a Supermarket, they ask you if you want a bag and then charge you 50 sene.  

So now what was a cost to the Supermarket has become an income.  

To make matters worse, some Supermarkets have stopped tying the bread plastic bags with a knot and are now using plastic clips, which will immediately get thrown away. 

Perhaps our village handicraft people could start making shopping baskets, which my mother used many years ago.  

As for food wrapping, why do we have to put meat in plastic bags? 

I can remember not so long ago in the Butcher shop there was a big stack of white paper which your selection of meat was wrapped in.

It’s VERY easy.  Just ban plastic – full stop!  

But who cares!


Charlie Mansfield

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