Walt Disney

By Layton Lolo 02 May 2016, 12:00AM

Pen in hand

And thoughts stirring inside

Trying to get the words right

Without following a guide


Free spirit; free speech

The things I would write

An original beyond comprehension

In a way, truth being brought to light


Connecting ever sentence

Every syllable and phrase

Ignoring unimportant things

Blocking out that distracting mental haze


I look to my side

I see a person with a brush

Painting an endless canvas

No hesitation or rush


Then more come into view

A singer, a poet, a sculptor of clay

Each one unique and committed

Each one battling the artists’ fray


I return to my work

Feeling each word

Feeling the deeper meaning

Adding style and worth


I race to finish

Then I turn in my work

I bow my head to pray

Because I’ve come to close to fall short


My work is thrown back at me

And it flies across the room

They throw me out turn me away

And tell me my diversity will be my doom


But I pick myself up

And stand up tall

Then I look them in eye

And tell them their lack of perspective

 will be their fall


I wonder if everyone has moments where their creativity is critiqued, judged and compared to plain boring things of this world and thrown aside because it’s different from the rest. 

I wonder if anyone knows what difficulties and evils artists of this world face when their work is ‘put on trial’ so to say.  Well I can recall several moments in the past where the poems, essays and short stories I wrote weren’t seen for its uniqueness and cast out of mind from others. 

But I guess now you might say that my words are being acknowledged and seen for how I wanted people to see it, greatness in writing.

What I meant by ‘artists fray’ in the poem is basically what I call the problems and frustrations that all artists’ art goes through and how sometimes that battle or fray is what drives most artists to create, because they wish to beat such things

When the name ‘Walt Disney’ is mentioned most people would know him for his accomplishments in creating movies, beloved story characters and his ever expanding company that is Disney.  But what some might not know is that that wasn’t always the way it was. 

He was rejected from producers, publishers, etc, because his work was just so different and original.  One time, he was rejected from someone and they told him he lacked originality and creativity.  Well I guess you and I know that was so wrong.

One piece of advice that I was given that I have never forgotten was that I should never be afraid to do it my way, to share my wonders with this world, to simply create because this world deserved something better, something new and something that gave people a feeling that you couldn’t begin to describe, and that is why I write. 

So I give that advice to anyone who thinks they need it, maybe it might be you if not, share it someone you think needs it more!

So don’t be scared to be creative, don’t be scared to show new colors in this world, new perspectives to visualize, new ways on how to be creative.  So create!

By Layton Lolo 02 May 2016, 12:00AM

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