Living with fear

Think a minute….Little Al was a sweet five-year-old boy and quite the little Englishman with his proper clothes and manners. His father, a successful businessman in London, called him his “little lamb.” Yet for some reason this daddy was setting up little Al for the shock of his life. 

One day while Al was playing, his father called him and handed him an envelope. He told his small son to take the note down the street to the police station and wait for the police chief to read it.

Little Al was proud that his daddy had given him such an important mission. He ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. When he reached the police station, he confidently handed his daddy’s note to the police captain and said: “I’m to wait for an answer.” 

The police captain read the note and said to the boy: “Come with me.” Little Al followed him down a long hallway and through a door until they were standing in front of an open jail cell. Before Little Al knew what was happening, the policeman pushed him inside and shut the big iron-barred door behind him.

As the police captain walked away he said sternly to the five-year-old: “This is what we do to naughty boys.” 

Then everything was silent. No one heard little Al’s frightened cries for hours. Finally, the police chief returned. Without saying a word, he opened the jail cell door and let the boy out. Little Al ran out of there even faster than his little legs had brought him!

He never knew why his father did that to him! What bad thing had he done at age five to deserve such a horrible, terrifying punishment?

For the rest of his life, Al lived with fear. But instead of running away from it, he seemed to keep running toward it. He even used his fear creatively to thrill millions of people as they watched the scary movies of…Alfred Hitchcock.

Maybe you had painful things done to you when you were a child or teenager that gave you fears which you still live with today. If you ask Jesus to become Lord of your heart and life today, He can start healing your past hurts and memories and fill you with His power to conquer your fears.

Only Jesus can free you to live with total confidence and security in who He made you to be—after you totally surrender your life to Him. From that moment on, you belong to Him. Just think a minute…

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