Born on purpose

Think a minute…Ever hear parents say that one of their children was an “accident”? In other words, they had not planned to have a baby at that time. 

The genius scientist Albert Einstein, after his lifetime of studying the universe, said: “God does not play dice.” Einstein understood that the Creator of this universe made everything in it with a specific purpose. It is not chance, coincidence, or luck that you are living right now. 

“There may be illegitimate parents, but there are no illegitimate children.” 

The One who actually gave you life designed you with an important plan for your life. 

God’s wise purpose can even work with our mistakes and wrongs as humans, even though He Himself never makes mistakes or has accidents. 

He has a reason for everything He creates: every plant, every animal, and every person. It does not matter if your parents were good or bad, God still knew that those two people had exactly the right genes and DNA to perfectly design and custom-make you. 

He gave you your unique, one-of-a-kind personality and abilities. You have an important purpose and place to fill in this world, so “When you fill your place you feel His pleasure.”

God was even thinking of you before He made the world. 

The more scientists learn about the universe, the better we understand how the earth’s atmosphere and environment is perfectly designed to support and sustain human life. 

A world-renown scientist puts it this way:  “All the scientific evidence shows that the universe is specifically designed for the goal and purpose of humans living in it.” 

So why did God go to all this trouble of creating a world for us? Simple: He loves us. You were created so God could share His love and life with you. 

You cannot find a more important purpose for living than that! 

But the only way you can fulfill your purpose and fully enjoy your life is to live your Maker’s way each day. So once and for all, won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for living your own wrong way, and to take full charge of your heart so you can start living His right way? 

He can even use your past mistakes to help you learn how to fully live your life on purpose—His masterful, beautiful purpose for you. 

Just think a minute…

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