Americans follow election in Samoa but Trump victory has left many disappointed

By Lanuola Tupufia – Ah Tong 10 November 2016, 12:00AM

Americans based in Samoa turned out in high numbers yesterday to watch the U.S. Presidential Election at the U.S. Embassy at Vailima yesterday.

But the exciting atmosphere that existed in the beginning quickly changed and the crowd was dramatically reduced when Republican Donald Trump started to gain the upper hand.

The gathering started at 2pm and by nightfall when it became quite obvious that Trump was leading, the crowd started leaving, with less than 10 people remaining to continue to follow the election.

It was no secret that most of the supporters were gunning for Hillary Clinton. There was uproar from the crowd when she secured California.

Trump on the other hand wasn’t spared a clap as the red marker continuously painted over several states. 

Despite the lack of supporters from Trump last night the Charge d’Affaires, Angelina Wilkinson, was positive that whoever the citizens of America elect as their new President will do a stellar job in leading their country. 

Before the final votes were out last night, Wilkinson said there is a lot of race that is very close like that of Trump and Clinton. 

The race is proof that every vote counts especially in a country like America. 

“There is at some state we have seen 15 votes difference between each candidate,” said Wilkinson.  

“It just illustrates the importance of each individuals vote. We have had other elections that are further apart but it’s in our history that we have had very close elections.” 

Wilkinson brushed aside fears that having Trump as a President will mean trouble for Samoa in terms of foreign aid, immigration and climate change.

“It won’t affect it (aid),” she said. 

“The United States is an old country and we’ve been supporters of aid overseas to many countries for many years. Big thing to remember is it’s a democracy. 

“The president has a lot of say in what happens and so does senate and congress. We are all part of the U.S government and have a very long tradition of working with other countries regardless of our president being democrat or republican.”

Wilkinson pointed out that a lot of what we are hearing about human rights issue, women and immigration have been part of U.S. talks for years.

“It’s going to continue in the future regardless whether it’s Hillary or Trump.

 There are currently 3400 U.S. citizens in Samoa. 

More than 60 ballots were dropped off at the U.S. Embassy and sent back through official diplomatic channels.

Others had the chance to mail their own ballot back. 

By Lanuola Tupufia – Ah Tong 10 November 2016, 12:00AM

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