Mother sacrifices for her mother

By Seia Soloi 09 March 2017, 12:00AM

Most mothers the Village Voice speak to say their priority are their children.

In the case of Lusiane Taulagi from Satuimalufilufi, she said her priority is her 86-year-old mother. 

But it’s not because she doesn’t care about her children, she said her children will have all her attention when her mother is called home.

Lusiane said she knows about hardship.

She lives it every day, in caring for her elderly mother.

 “At first, I worked for one of the families in the village to earn money for me and my son,” she said.

“But then I quit because my mother needed me to take care of her.”

Lusiane is from a family of three siblings.

The other two have their own families to raise.

But she has made the decision to prioritise her mother.

“My world is my mother,” she said. 

“No matter how tough life is, I still manage to find food for my mother and my son. I sell chips and popcorn. That’s our only way of earning money.”

Lusiane, her mother and her son live in an open faleo’o. The floor is covered with lau polapola (coconut leaf).

“We can’t afford a carpet,” she said. 

“The money is for our every day needs like food and stuff.”

Water is another challenge.

“As you can see, our house cannot collect enough water but it will be great to have a water tank.”

Lusiane also wants a job.

“I’m a hard working woman,” she said. “I can take whatever job if I receive one, I want to earn more money for my mother.”

As for the cost of living, she has no qualms.

“Life is expensive but there is nothing we can do.

“The most important thing is we find ourselves in peace.”

Her wish is for her mother to live a long life.

 “My mother is old. I care and feed her every day, I’m thankful to God for giving my mother this many years to live. She will continue to be my priority.”

By Seia Soloi 09 March 2017, 12:00AM

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