The end of the world

Think a minute…Recently the biggest-selling book in America was about the end of the world. 

Sometimes watching the world’s news is like watching a horror movie, isn’t it? You know that the 20th century had more people killed in wars than all the other centuries of history combined! Besides all the wars, we’re seeing an increase in many kinds of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes; plus totally new weather patterns that never existed before such as El Nino and La Nina. Then, there are the terrible diseases, plagues, and new mystery viruses. 

AIDS, the worst disease in history, is killing millions of people worldwide with still no cure in sight! In Africa, entire towns have no adults because they’ve all died from AIDS, so just babies and children are left to survive alone. 

According to a new United Nations report, we now have the worst world hunger and famine in history. 

Hundreds of millions are starving with countless thousands dying every day.

You know that Jesus Christ told us that all these things would happen and that they’re like labor pains just before a mother gives birth. 

These terrible things are the sign that He’s getting ready to come back. Only this time, He’s coming to judge all this world’s evil and wrong. Jesus said we can’t know the exact day of His return, so it will be sudden and here before we know it. 

But Jesus explained it’s because He loves us so much that He’s waited as long as He can for more of us to choose to receive His gift of forgiveness and eternal life, before it’s too late! But if you know the world’s Judge personally as your friend, then His return is good news because you’re going home with Him to live forever in paradise, just as He promised. 

That morning of September 11, those people who went to work at the World Trade Center in New York had no idea they would never see their family again. 

And neither do we know if we’ll live to see tomorrow. Jesus made it clear that we all live forever—either in heaven or hell. The choice is ours. So why not ask Jesus to forgive you and take charge of your life every day? Then you’ll have absolutely nothing to fear—neither your sudden death, nor even the end of the world. 

Just Think a Minute…

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