What does it mean Samoa is blessed through Ms. Opapo, Prime Minister Tuilaepa?

About a month ago, the story says, a young woman has been doing for sometime what she apparently enjoyed doing, when she was alone.

She wrote.

That young woman’s name is Toaipuapuaga Opapo. She lives with her at Vaitele 

And when she wrote, the story explains, it soon became apparent that she was not using normal words in her writing the way you and I do.

 Instead, she was using awkward-looking characters and strange words so that to those around her, they were of a foreign language that not one of them could understand or decipher.

And as she was now attracting much attention with curious people turning up all the time to watch her work, her “writing” remained a mystery to everyone.   

And then Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, took an interest in Ms Opapo’s enticingly unusual writing, and soon afterwards it was mystery no more.

And how did Tuilaepa unravel the mystery?

He told the Samoan media last week: “I verified Ms Opapo’s writings with the Jewish High Commission in New Zealand.

 “I informed Samoa’s High Commission in Wellington to contact the Jewish Ambassador about the writing,” he also said.  

Explained Tuilaepa: “This was how it’d been revealed that Ms. Opapo’s ‘writing’ was in ‘Ancient Hebrew’.

“And even though she does not understand Hebrew, she is quoted as having claimed, her ‘writing is a message from God.’”

Tuilaepa said: “I have received the translation of the writing and the Jewish Ambassador was shocked about the accuracy of the writing, and sent a translation.”

He also said “the translation revealed that on the 21st August you will be given a message.

“I have chosen you on the mission of peace because of the division amongst (people) and the differences in (their) views and you are the messenger of peace. 

“On the 18th December, the message of peace should be made public. 

“Do not worry but believe in me, for there is no fear in love and perfect love expels fear. 

“Jehovah is by my side.”

Tuilaepa went on to reveal that “two weeks ago, another event occurred where Ms. Opapo was praying and the statue of Jesus was seen with blood and water coming from it.” 

 He said “if any event like this happened to a country, it means Samoa is blessed through Ms. Opapo. 

“So on the 18th December, the mission of peace will be revealed through Toa who is chosen as the servant of God to reveal this.”

Still, Tuilaepa is of the opinion that the “message” he’s talking about is bound to be frown upon by many.  

He said: “A lot of people do not believe it when a young woman is chosen, but the most shocking thing is that the spiritual leaders will have forgotten that God does not call the qualified, but those who are not qualified to send His message.”

He then made reference to the Apostle Paul pointing out that “in the Bible, he too had borne the suffering of Jesus Christ.”

Said Tuilaepa: “In the Bible under the book of Galatians, “verses 6 to 17 reads, ‘From now on, let no one trouble me for I bear in my body, the marks of our Lord Jesus.”

And as if that was not discouraging enough, Tuilaepa said he was worried that “there is also the belief from others that even Satan can do things like this.” 

So who is Satan anyway? 

Why is he “worried” about him if he believed he is someone else? 

Incidentally, what is Tuilaepa’s advice to those who worship Satan if he were asked? 

It would be interesting to know.

The way we see it though, all he should be celebrating today is that confirmation from the Jewish Ambassador in New Zealand, saying that “Ms. Opapo’s ‘writing’ is in Ancient Hebrew, and that the claim ‘it bears the marks of Jesus Christ’s suffering, is genuine.’” 

That’s all. 

Anything else is as insignificant as the simple leaf rotting on the roadside. 

Still, let’s remind one more time that whatever he says will either embolden or dishearten. 

For instance, let’s take a look at that prediction of his, where he said: “… if any event like this happened to a country, it means Samoa is blessed through Ms. Opapo. 

“So on the 18th December, the mission of peace will be revealed through Toa who is chosen as the servant of God to reveal this.”

We look forward to that day.

In the meantime, what has become of Prime Minister Tuilaepa’s plans to change Samoa’s Constitution so that Christianity is declared this country’s sole religion, and all the others are deemed unconstitutional and illegal?

Have a peaceful Sunday Samoa, God bless.

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