Taxed to the bone

Dear Editor

Re: It’s about time we talked about parking meters

Lesa, I disagree with you on this one.

First, it is typical of our govt and Stui how they come up with policies and no professional consultation how things will come about.

To prove my point, the govt has no idea what will happen when suddenly all these cars flooded into the country. Stui was only looking at it’s another govt "revenue generator" from duty, fees and registrations.

If I am Stui, I would put a "Quota" on how many cars to import into the country each year until we have the infrastructure to support it, like improve the roads, more traffic lights, parking spaces etc. Stui was just too happy just to make money from tax and registrations.

Second, now they are planning to tax us more. When we pay our car registration every yr, there is already a tax (levy) added to the registration (I think it is $60, can’t remember) for parking in the town area. Now they just wanted to tax us more through parking meters.

What happen to the registration monies Stui and Mr Minister? Who is eating it? These are the funds that should be used to provide parking in the town areas, improve roads etc.

It is the govt’s job to provide parking for the public and not spend $8million to buy the Gold Star building in town. Maybe to solve this parking problem, they need to tear down the Gold Star building and build a multi story car park on that lot for the people. We have already paid our share of this madness tax hoc from Stui and his govt.

To be honest, it will cost more to maintain those parking meters because every day, someone will smash them and try to steal from them. 

Lesa, you wrote in the past that stealing is a major problem in "famous Samoa" now.

It is puzzling to the mind how much these govt officials sit around and figure out more ways to tax the hell out of us.

The govt can’t even afford to put up stop sign on some of the very dangerous intersections around town like the Maagiagi four corners on the top of the hill.

By the way Lesa, Stui and govt spent all that money to make a "beach" along the sea wall across from the NZ Commission building but have you seen any one playing a piano along the seawall in Apia yet? 

Have you seen any vendor set up there to sell food and all the stuff Stui promised would happen? Nothing! The beach it’s just a place for the dogs to dump their waste, plus it’s becoming a dumping ground for the public.

You see, we are tired of being "TAXED" to the bone!



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