Why can’t we plant our own?

Dear Editor,

Re: Mother grateful for watermelon job 

There is both good and bad to this story. 

It’s good that this woman was able to get a job for herself and make an income for her family. 

On the other hand, why do we have to import watermelons when we can grow them here in Samoa? 

This has been my argument from day one that our corrupt government spend $100s of millions on failed projects yet we could spend it on agriculture and to run projects that will help support our farmers here in Samoa. 

The world is over populated and it’s reached the 7 billion mark. 

The next world problem will be food shortage and the world is on the brink of world war 3. 

The first problems the people face at any war is recession and food shortage. 

We should slow down our dependency on imported food and for our govt to invest in our people instead. 

If we want to develop Samoa economically, then work on what we’ve got which is our fertile lands - that’s where the money should be spent on to help create jobs and generate incomes for both the people and the govt. 

Don’t try and be like foreign countries who work on the resources they’ve got which helped develop them economically. 

But in order for anything to work well in our country, firstly corruption must be removed from the govt. 

To do that, we must remove PM Tuilaepa and wipe out H.R.P.P from the face of Samoa. Most of them are only there to serve themselves and their personal interests but not to serve the people.



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