The folly of political correctness gone mad

We live in a very interesting time in a world where things just don’t seem to be what they appear. Where political correctness gone mad has turned things upside down so that many people have been forced to think and accept things in a certain way as the “new” normal.

Looking at the recent trends in most things and everything, the world some of us once new – especially the older generations - has certainly changed. 

Quickly too. 

The days when what you saw is what you said because that was the truth are gone. When something was black, we called it black because that‘s the exact colour we saw. We did the same for red, blue and white. 

These days, things are vastly different that even if something is black, and we need to call it black, but because political correctness gone mad deems it offensive, we cannot say that anymore. 

So we resort either to accept that while the object is black, we would just say it’s grey, dark or something. Anything but the truth.

It’s either that or you stand up, speak the truth and risk being condemned until you die. 

That’s how it is these days

Now sometimes for the older generation who are so set in their ways, it almost feels like they don’t belong. These days the language, behaviour and certain pattern of thoughts and mannerisms have become so unconventional it really boggles the mind.

Maybe some of us are getting old. Maybe we need to change with the times. 

But then maybe we don’t. Maybe there are some good old values and principles worth holding onto like honesty and telling the truth for instance.

Now in these days, one of the best things about social media platforms is that it allows all of us to take a peek into the thinking of other people. It gives us the opportunity to read other people’s minds. And if you believe in the scripture that “out of the abundance of the heart thy mouth speaks,” then you really have to worry. Some of the stuff that’s been posted and said on a daily basis are certainly hair raising. But then that’s the world we live in. 

It’s twisted. It’s nasty and things are not the same anymore.

A classic example is a story that has been making headlines for sometime now – and with the Commonwealth Games underway – it continues to dominate discussion. This involves Laurel Hubbard, the transgender weightlifter from New Zealand, who has been allowed to compete against women this year.

From the start, Samoa has been strongly opposed to the idea. Coach Tuaopepe Jerry Wallwork does not agree about Hubbard’s participation.

“A man is a man and a woman is a woman,” Tuaopepe said. “I know a lot of changes have gone through, but in the past Laurel Hubbard used to be a male champion weightlifter.”

As harsh as it sounds but isn’t that the cold truth? Regardless of the fact that Hubbard feels like a girl, if he looks like a man, smells like a man and lifts like a macho man, then he must a man.

But then of course this is the day and age we are living in. If someone feels like a woman, tries to look like a woman then we must all respect their freedom and call them a woman. Which is okay if you are down with it. Have it their way and enjoy their freedom. This is a free world after all.

But allow people like Tuaopepe – and many people like him - to still believe what they believe. We say this because the amount of personal attacks on Tuaopepe on social media for simply stating the obvious is truly mind blowing.

Folks, Tuaopepe might not be the best example of being politically correct but he is speaking the truth. And he is entitled to an opinion, rightly or wrongly.

Speaking of opinions, we note that rugby star Israel Folau has become the most hated person on mainstream and social media for his comments about the gay community last week. 

We might not necessarily agree with Folau but that’s his opinion. Again rightly or wrongly, people including so called stars and role models are allowed to have an opinion.

Here is the irony of it all, some of the worst attacks on Folau and Tuaopepe are coming from people who proclaim that people have the freedom to choose and that freedom must be respected. Well it’s catch 22 isn’t it?

If you want people to respect you, then you’ve got be prepared to accept that not everyone will agree with you and try and respect their opinions too. You will have your friends and then you have people who hate you. That’s life. You cannot please everybody. 

Have a wonderful week Samoa, God bless!

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