Donald? You’ve got to be joking!

Dear Editor

It’s interesting to get people’s take on Donald Trump, who seems to have a fair chance of winning the U.S. Presidency, ironically for being less disliked that his opponent, rather than a better Presidential candidate. 

In chatting with people these past few weeks, I am constantly amazed at how many people think this buffoon is fantastic and enthusiastically endorse his push for the Presidency.

You cannot argue that “the Donald” is an entertaining character, with his off the cuff, inflammatory comments on just about everything that is possible to be controversial.  

Then there is his hair.

First it was building a wall between the US and Mexico, which he later stated that the Mexicans would pay for.  Yeah right, I can really see the Mexicans going for that deal.  Once he has dealt with the Mexicans, who’s next?  Maybe he will block Samoans or other foreigners from a life in America.

Then there is his schoolboy-like mocking of the other candidates during the various debates and conventions, conduct unbecoming of a future world leader.  I can clearly imagine him sitting down with other world leaders like Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel or Kim Jong Ill and mocking their seriousness or accents.  WW3 would be virtually guaranteed.

His proposed banning of Muslim immigration is hardly the act of a leader of a country that was founded on religious freedoms, nor is it going to do anything other than alienate a minority that is suffering far too much these past couple of decades. 

What happens to all the Muslims already in the US, will they be rounded up, interred, deported?  It all sounds a little too much like a certain Austrian that decided that a particular ethnicity had to be exterminated about 80 years ago.

Does the world need a real-estate developer, a profession that succeeds by ruthless disregard for the many that suffer from large scale developments, who is obviously devoid of any sort of empathy for most of the US population, as the most powerful individual in the world?  

There is a special case known as “the Football” follows the President everywhere he goes, to enable the deployment of the world’s most destructive military weapons whenever needed. 

I can imagine President Trump, with his hand hovering over a big red button like a reality TV show host about to eliminate a contestant, ready to send off a nuke or two to a world leader that he is having a disagreement with.  At least he has prior relevant experience of that!!!

World, please think clearly about the prospect of a President Trump and opt for the lesser of two evils, an extension of the Clinton dynasty, which may not be as exciting to watch, but will not send us headlong towards Armageddon.

Stupid Palagi

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