You’re welcome to leave

Dear Editor,

I was hoping to close-off this issue with you Wendy before now, but my boss (a stern old lady) at the makeki convinced me to put pen to paper to express her displeasure about your gutter language and condescending lectures. 

Your husband knows this but let me restate this Samoan cultural mores for you – you know a person’s class by the way she walks, talks and interacts. 

Describing the local education system as going down the toilet is vulgar and unwarranted – total crass. 

I and many other inhabitants of this island paradise welcome constructive criticism (is that an oxymoron!!) but your emotional outbursts about everything

in Samoa makes me wonder why you are still here. 

You are obviously unhappy with many things here including the dirty water, the undemocratic electoral system, and the poor education system to name a few. 

Is there anything, which makes you happy here? 

I have never been to Canada but I am sure it is a beautiful country, which misses you dearly.

My boss has a simple message for you. If you are unhappy here, leave. And on the way out of the country please take Mr. Hartin with you.


Vai Autu

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