Best friends forever

Think a minute…This is a true story about two teenage boys named Kyle and David. Kyle had no friends at school. One Friday afternoon David saw Kyle walking home carrying all his books when some bullies pushed Kyle down in the dirt and his books fell all over the ground. Seeing the hopeless look on Kyle’s face, David ran to him and picked up Kyle’s books. David learned that Kyle was new to their school, so he invited Kyle to play football and hang out with him and his friends that weekend. The more David and his friends got to know Kyle the more they liked him. 

On Monday morning Kyle brought all his books back to school. Over the next four years David and Kyle became best friends. Kyle changed so much during those four years that he became very confident and popular with many friends. Kyle was continuing his education to become a doctor and David was going to study for a business degree. At their high school graduation, Kyle was even chosen to be his class speaker.

He began his speech by saying: “Graduation is a time to thank those who helped you make it through these difficult years. Your parents, your teachers, but especially your friends. Being a friend to somebody is the best gift you can give them. I am going to tell you a story.” David was so surprised when Kyle started telling the audience about that first day they had met. Kyle said that nobody knew on that Friday afternoon four years earlier that Kyle had planned to kill himself. He had taken all his books home so his mother would not have to do it later. But on his way home, he met a new friend named David who changed everything for Kyle. The audience, including David, was shocked! David never knew how much his friendship had meant to Kyle and changed his life. 

Don’t ever think that the kind and caring things you do for others is not important. You and I can change a person’s life simply by being a true friend to them. And no one will ever be a better friend to you than Jesus. Won’t you ask Him to come in to your heart to become your Friend and Lord who leads you every day? He loves you more than anyone else ever will—since He is love itself. And His real love will help you be a real friend to someone who needs you. You might even save a life! Just think a minute… 

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