God created everything out of nothingness

Dear Editor

I write in response to a letter by Ropati V published in your newspaper. 

“Nothingness” is defined by Google as “the absence or cessation of life or existence” so was the lack of any recorded life form before creations in the Book of Genesis a proof that God Almighty did not exist before then?

In my opinion, God Almighty was always there in the vast expanse of “nothingness”. 

Only when he decided to create life that there was “something-ness” instead of nothingness as recorded by the Book of Genesis but God was always there doing His thing.

Here’s a scenario to support my point, an empty room is perceived to be empty or has nothing in it if there’s no furniture or whatever we’re looking for cannot be found.

However, if we scrutinize that room and put it under a microscope. I am sure we can find microscopic life forms, dust, no need to mention the presence of air and of course the presence of gravity force etc. I’m sure no normal person would subject his/her life to such extreme measures but this is what we need to do if we want to look for answers.

Look beyond the obvious !!!

With that in mind, “Nothingness” then is like an empty room which cannot deny the presence of a powerful force like God Almighty, just like the force of gravity that cannot be denied in the “nothingness” of an empty room....it’ always there regardless.

Remember....”nothingness” is about the absence of life but energy, force, power, spirits etc reign supreme over “nothingness” and matter.

God Almighty created everything out of “nothingness”.....hope that will help put you at ease.


Le Mafa P

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