A Happy Wife and Life (Part 1)

Think a minute…There’s an old saying: “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”  If you want to be happy in your marriage, simply learn what makes your wife happy. Today and tomorrow we will talk about some ways to succeed in this vital responsibility and part of your life.  

First, make your wife feel secure in your love. Treat her with both strength and gentleness. No matter how strong, smart, and independent a woman is, she still wants to feel cared for by her man. She needs to feel appreciated and valued. Try to be thoughtful by giving her praise and reassurance. Tell her when she looks good. Compliment her new dress or hairstyle. Tell her what a good wife and mother she is. Tell her that you love her. Whatever is important to her should be important to you. You can make her feel secure by taking care of the house. When you do household repairs to keep the house safe and comfortable, that makes her feel secure, which is one of her most important needs. 

Second, be clear on what each of your responsibilities is. It depends on what each of you is skilled at doing. Will the husband earn most of the money, or will both of you? Who will be responsible for the bank accounts and paying the bills? It is not always what we think of as traditional male and female work. Some husbands enjoy cooking, while some wives enjoy working outside in the garden. 

You also need to figure out how you will make decisions together, whether it is buying a house, car, or simply choosing what you will do together on the weekend. Whatever you decide, both of you need to feel your opinion was heard and part of the decision. “Discuss before you decide.” Remember, “Two heads are better than one.” A truly strong man does not need to have his own way all the time.

If you realize you have not been meeting the needs of your wife, sincerely ask Jesus to forgive you today? If you let Him take control of your heart and character, He will help you start changing so you can make your wife, and life, happier, as you are learning to meet her needs as her man. Just think a minute…

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