Untold suffering

Think a minute…It has been called the worst tragedy in the history of the U.S. state of Illinois, yet most Americans have never heard of it. An entire city burned down killing more than 1,500 people—even though this city was next to one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world and had a river running through the center of the town. There was water everywhere…except where it was needed most! There had been no rain for many months, leaving the ground and everything bone-dry. Even the town newspaper reported: “Unless we have rain, who knows how soon a fire will sweep over this town.”

They said the fire’s roar through the night was a terrifying sound as in a nightmare—but it was all too real! It was so hot that people felt they had been thrown into an oven. Many of the town’s citizens ran to the river for safety, but the fire had spread even there. All over the city you could hear people’s horrific screams as this lovely town became a hell on earth. 

Few Americans have ever heard of this pretty little town named Peshtigo that burned to the ground in just one night. This is because The Peshtigo Fire took place on the exact same night as another terrible fire in a city much larger and seemingly more important. So even though more people died that same night in the small town of Peshtigo, it was this other fire that was reported in the newspapers which became famous as The Great Chicago Fire. 

The world is full of untold suffering. In fact, you yourself have probably suffered in ways that no one else knows. You may feel like no one cares about the pain you have gone through, whether in your body, emotions, or mind. But never forget, Jesus came to share in our suffering and show us how much He understands and loves us. Jesus said that even when a little bird falls to the ground, He knows and cares. So think of how much more He knows and cares when you are hurting! 

Today won’t you ask Him to take control of your heart and life? With Him watching over you every day, you will never again go through suffering alone, since He knows everything about the pain and pressure you are experiencing. Then you can live every day with His power, peace, and security that He is always there to lead and help you through it. Just think a minute… 

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