Too much power is dangerous

Dear Editor 

Re: Democracy, Parliament and the future

I am so happy to know that there is hope for Samoa’s future if Matais around Samoa listen to Le Tagaloa Dr. Pita. The error of the Party System currently running in Samoa is that “too much power” has gone to one man - the current PM.

The Party System was never designed for one man to control everything (money and law-making to maintain his power.)  The Party System was designed that there is always a balance of power and one party is able to check on the other party.

(How the PM has managed to control everything in Samoa is (1) either he is a very smart man or (2) there are so many dumb and blind people to fool.)

The PM has controlled Samoa finances (with no proper auditing) and used these large amounts of money to maintain his power for a very long time.

I am hoping that the Matais around Samoa wake up and reclaim the authority back that rightfully belongs to all Samoans.

If the Matai’s of Samoa reclaim the power again, their first job is to get some international auditors from overseas to (1) find out where has all Samoa’s money gone to and (2) find out how many people in authority are connected to or related to the PM. Get rid of all of them.

If we carry on letting this power-hungry PM lead Samoa, our future will be a very dark place -- no land, no Samoan culture, no money/extreme poverty, no jobs, high crime rates, and no tourists.


Keith Alderson

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