A disgusting sight in Samoa

Dear Editor,

 Re: Prostitutes in Samoa 

I’ll tell you what breaks my heart. I see a young Samoan girl, maybe 15, sitting with an old, shriveled, ugly, white tourist in a restaurant. 

The girl is obviously hating every minute of spending any time with this old shriveled, letch, pedophile. 

Soon they leave and you can guess what happens. I just glare at the man as he escorts this poor young girl out of the restaurant. 

I have seen this with my own eyes and it makes me sick. An acquaintance of ours was visiting and walking the sea wall while his wife rested in their hotel room. 

A young boy, maybe 9 came to him with his goods and asked him if he wanted to buy a hair clip, the friend, said no, then the boy said, a bag of chips, the friend said no, then the child asked to perform a sexual favour.

The friend, said no so the young street vendor left. 

This is Samoa today, and as long as the P.M. and the H.R.P.P, ignore this the problem will get worse. So in spite of what some might say there is much social decay festering in Samoan society.

SaveSamoa is correct; the churches are as much to blame for this as the government as they pass themselves of as the moral, social entity that is the backbone of Samoan society. They are both big failures who like to point to parents as the problem so they don’t have to look at the greedy, money grabbing, planks in their own eyes.



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