Injustices in Samoa

Dear Editor,

In any other country, targeted crimes against a particular group of people based on religious beliefs, or skin colour would be considered a hate crime. 

These crimes taken very seriously and punished to the highest degree. 

Here in Samoa however, absolutely nothing is done about it. 

In a country that prides themselves on a culture of village law and order, although striving for western values of financial independence and entrepreneurialism. 

The countries courts hand out “village punishment” for crimes. 

Where is the police intervention/ investigation in to the village when serious crimes such as break and enter or assault and battery against not villagers but visitor to this nation. 

All it would take is a back and forth. For the village to ask for village justice from the courts of the land but the village does nothing for people living in the area, the village needs to turn people in.

Why do the police not attend the matai meetings and refer to crimes that have taken place and ask for assistance? 

If it were a Samoan on Samoan crime, I am very sure the village would get involved and demand the criminal be turned in a brought to justice?

Why are visitors safety given a back seat? 

Why does a crime against a temporary resident get little coverage from the police and the media? 

Temporary residents pay extraordinary rents (up to a years (minimum) wage per month) all to be terrorised in their homes, they bring technology and skills, are here to help the Samoan nation grow and prosper.

Punishments must fit the hate crime that this is, of the 8 break and enters that my work colleagues have endured, not one criminal has been arrested. 



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