Continue to pray to avert a war in the Pacific

Last week Thursday 3rd August in this newspaper I wrote an Article titled “World War III looming, as prophesies of war never go away but…. 

In that piece, I voiced concerns about the escalating tension between U.N. Security Council in particular the United States of America and the young dictator Kim Jong un of North Korea. 

Two weeks ago Kim Jong un continued with his dangerous agenda and provocation and fired another missile and according with C.G.T.N. news, narrowly missed a jet off-coast Japan sea that carried 200 plus passengers.

See how dangerous and deadly these missiles can cause. North and South Koreas, Japan and USA are all within the Pacific Ocean ring and if a war breaks out the Pacific countries especially the small islands nations like Samoa will fatally suffer the consequences of these D.P.R.K. nuclear weapons by air, food, water and sea currents. 

The U.N. Security Council on Monday voted unanimously to impose the toughest sanctions ever of all the 9 preceding sets of sanctions by the U.N. Security Council. All member countries including Russia and China - North Korea allies also voted for the sanctions which will have a disastrous impact on North Korea’s economy by way of exports.

It is a massive blow to Kim Jong un and definitely will bring North Korea down to its knees by cutting a billion of US dollars or one third of its economy from exports to China yearly. If Kim Jong un does not care and continues with his harden heart as he showed in his response last night on T.V, then it means that he does not even care about his people and the rest of the world.

Because at the end of the day his people and the neighboring countries will suffer not him as he has everything in his golden castle. Dictators’ love and care for themselves and history; rather than the people.

At the A.S.E.A.N. Foreign Ministers meeting in Manila on Monday this week, the two topics of deliberations were the; Korean peninsular tension and the South China Sea.  And as we talk about wars, India and China are also on a verge of war over a land occupation dispute within their boundaries. Its war everywhere.

The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi speaking on grounds of China’s stance and support to the sanctions said this is in order for North Korea to comply with U.N. sanctions and to stop making its nuclear weapons but he continued by saying China does not completely abandon its old ally North Korea. 

This writer believes that it is not right to say that these last set of sanctions - the most effective so far; is to stop Pyongyang from making nuclear weapons because Kim Jong un has already piled up many nuclear weapons for he has been making them for two years now and it’s just a matter of when and where to use them to. North Korea is very dangerous to the world these days and how to dispatch the nuclear weapons he has already possessed is another question.

And as I type this piece, the C.G.T.N. World Today news reported that the sanctions angered the young dictator and he vowed revenge against the sanctions mainly the U.S.A. which is the cause and initiator of all these hassle, he said. He is defiant and said North Korea will use its nuclear weapons to attack the United States of America. He will not give up its nuclear testing as well. He and his military men are trying to work out and fit a nuclear bomb into one of its warheads that can reach U.S. soil. Ah well to this writer, I will always remember the saying that goes, ‘’it’s easy said than done’’

On Monday morning also, a U.S. Spy plane flew about 70 thousand feet above North Korea [North Korea did not detect it] with its advanced technology cameras taking everything from the air and gets the information ready for the Commander in Chief - President Donald Trump’s briefing Wednesday next morning. 

Today Wednesday at 10.00am on C.G.T.N. the World Today Breaking News; at the briefing it was reported that President Donald Trump who is on vacation replied to Kim Jong un’s threatening remarks in a very strange angry tone with these words ‘’North Korea’s destruction will be met with ‘’fire and fury’’ the world has never seen before’’ he said.

President Donald Trump’s hold back is because of his concerns over the innocent civilians who will be affected especially the North Koreans, South Koreans and Japanese and the rest of the Pacific but his U.S. military is ready to act and can attack alone any time. 

This week also marked the 70th anniversary of the atomic bomb that U.S. dropped on Hiroshima that ended WWII and we all knew its deadly consequences and no one wants a repetition of such anywhere in this world. Aren’t these lessons for the world for its enduring disobedience to God’s Commandments? 

There is only one solution and power that can prevent any ‘‘war’’ and bring about world peace in this difficult times.  Conversion!! We need no war like abortion that kills human beings unexpectedly before natural deaths according with God’s Eternal Plan.

The sinful nature of the beast has caused all these problems on the planet earth - God had made for the human being to live on and take care of it.

We are to commit ourselves to prayers for God’s intervention for our sinful misery ways and actions and a total conversion; as the 100 year old prophesies of our Mother the Virgin Mary - Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ at Fatima on August 13th 1917 revealed.

I again ask our readers to please pray for Kim Jong un and also President Donald Trump’s change of hearts to avert a war.

For the Catholics; please attend daily Mass and pray the Rosary every day for world peace as our Mother has asked us through the three children at Fatima where she said the following.

’’ Pray, pray very much, and make sacrifices for sinners; for many souls go to hell, because there are none to sacrifice and pray for them. Continue to pray the Rosary every day in order to obtain peace for the world and end wars…If my request is heeded then this world will be in peace…” 

These prophesies will never go away until they are being fulfilled and who knows may be this week end or next week, next month, next year or next century?

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